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If you have accidently written an entire essay, blog post or bunch of text in the wrong case, it can be tricky to correct that and make the text usable. Our tool will convert your text to any kind of case you need.

Sentence case is arguably our most useful conversion. It automatically converts any string of text to a fully formed sentence, with Capitals at the start for example.

Lower case converts every letter to its lower case option.
this is an example of lower case text.

Upper case converts every letter to a capital.

Capitalized case can come in handy for certin marketing uses, where you want to stand out each word. It capitalises the first letter of each word.
This Is An Example Of Capitalized Case

Alternating case is a more unique and fun option. It will alternate capitalising each letter within any given word.
tHiS iS aN eXaMpLe oF aLtErNaTiNg CaSe.

Title case can be extremely useful. It capitalises the important words in a sentance.
This Is an Example of Title Case

Similar to Alternate case inverse case capitalises every other letter in any given word.
ThIs iS An eXaMpLe oF InVeRsE CaSe